Communication in Teams

Everyone knows that team communication is one of the hardest part. It is already hard if you are in your office and communicate with your co-workers. But as soon as you have a team that is separated within a country or even across continents it is getting so much harder.

For our project Flowergame we are a team of three people. Two living in Germany (in two different locations) and on living in Canada. So we not only face the problem of separate locations we also face the problem of different time zones.

While everyone was still in Germany we used to use Skype to plan our next features and events. Back in the days even with Skype we had often the problem that we talked about a lot stuff but never wrote it done. And as soon as we wanted to build it half of that knowledge was gone. Now spread out across continents and time-zones (9 hour difference) we had to look for a new way to communicate.

Slack for the rescue! What is Slack? Based on there website:

A messaging app for teams.

It is a useful tool to exchange knowledge in a chat. It supports a powerful search and a micro blog too. We started using it to plan our rewrite and it works very well so far. We integrated our version control system Gitlab so it notifies the slack channel automatic if someone was working on the project.

Having an easy to use communication platform that is available everywhere (Android, iOS, Web and Desktop) is

definitely the way to go if you face communication challenges and want to overcome them efficient.

Stay tuned for more!